Wednesday, 19 February 2014


I was recently introduced to a YouTube channel-Funforlouis and I am now hooked. This YouTuber has a zest for life and is lucky enough to travel around the world. He vlogs (video blogs) every day and regards each day as an adventure, regardless of how exciting or mundane the day may be, he always finds something positive and holds on to it. 

It’s made me realise how we take small things for granted in our day to day lives, just because we are not in a new place to experience them. 

In terms of ‘adventure’ and ‘travel’ I had a pretty amazing 2013. I got to go to Germany-specifblogically Hamburg and Papenburg, France-Disneyland and Paris and I tried to explore London (I deliberately got lost in Central London). On one of my central London walks I got to see Blue (the band- Antony, Duncan, Lee and Simon).

These are just a few things but honestly, 2013 was pretty amazing! I got to meet some amazing people, experience new cultures and try out interesting foods.

The aim now is for 2014 to outdo 2013 and I think one of the ways of achieving this is through mind-set. If we were to regard each day as an adventure, we wouldn't overlook every new experience. We would accept it with open arms and live it, even if it’s in our day to day lives. We don’t necessarily have to be in a new environment to experience new things.

So here’s to wanderlust, the desire to want to travel and explore. I thought I would be a bit original so I wrote the quote down and got my friends to help me decorate it. We are by no means artists, were just trying to have fun.

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