Friday, 30 May 2014


I have decided to change things-more specifically with regards to my blog posts. As I have just completed my final year exams, submitted my dissertation and handed in all my coursework I have much more time and can give this blog a much needed TLC.

I will be editing some of the previous posts; I plan on adding more detail. I also want to give all biomedical science students a breakdown of each individual course. This way you all will have access to books, links and information that has been tried and tested.

I have also interviewed some lecturers and will be writing up the interviews for you all. This way you have access to more in depth and specific answers to questions regarding courses.

The student life aspect will also be looked at. I want to also write up about what I plan on doing next and how I go about the graduate recruitment process. Again, this information will be as extensive and detailed as possible. I will be adding other student’s information as well, therefore aiming to cater for more of you.

I will be going on Holiday too-YAY! I have been looking forward to going away for quite some time now. My sister (she is currently sitting her AS exams) and I are completely exhausted. So the pair of us thought it best to book a holiday, just to recharge and relax. We shall be heading to Tuscany on the 7th of June for a week long break in the SUN! To say I am excited would be an understatement.

Pictures will posted J

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