Monday, 25 November 2013

Mission “must not get ill” has commenced

Have any of your ever suffered from an internal fever? Along with your whole body hurting; your head in particular, blocked nose, dry coughs, sinuses acting up and experiencing the occurrence of an intermittent temperature? When you go out your layers of cloths and flesh no longer help to act as a barrier and the wind is able to rattle your bones?

Yeah, that's happening and I don't have time for any of this! So, mission stop getting any more ill and kick this illness to the curb has commenced! I've stocked up on everything Google thinks will help-I can't go to my GP because they have  a one problem one appointment policy ( I promise to take a picture of the sign that states this if and when I next go to grace my GP with my presence ;) ).

I’ve been taking the day and night nurse religiously and have made sure I’m constantly sipping hot drinks. Coats and scarfs have become second skin and I’ve been trying not to go out too much, in case I catch anything new. Don’t want to risk anything while my immune system is weak and busy fighting off this annoying trespasser.

I have had to finish and hand in an essay as well as complete a set of online MCQs in this state. Not my finest work. However, I am hoping that my efforts to fight this and stay positive will help me get through this quickly. 

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