Monday, 23 December 2013

Hostage Situation

I have never been held as a hostage and hopefully never will be, but I can’t say the same for some of my belongings. One of the washing machines (the first one when you enter the laundry room) recently took my clothes hostage. I had heard rumours of a washing machine that was holding hostages and that was returning clothes in a much worse state, then they had been in when the owners had initially, care freely and unknowingly put their clothes in.

 I have used the machines that are located in the laundry room in question, a number of times and experienced nothing of the sort so, in the same care free manner I proceeded to do my laundry. Here’s the step by step, in case you were wondering: put my cloths in the washing machine, added detergent, put the money in, pressed the button, set the timer on my phone and walked back to my room (and went straight onto YouTube).

47 minutes later I go back to our buildings laundry room only to find the machine has stopped (at 43 minutes), the door won’t open, the buttons won’t work and my clothes were in the washing machine and had no way of getting out!

At first I was gentle, careful and kind but after 30 minutes of no support, no help from the company and the machine refusing to do anything but sit there glaring at me with pompous arrogance, I stabbed the ‘coloured clothes 40◦’ button! And it worked!  That’s right! That machine churned! And it did not stop until it finished the complete washing cycle!

Here’s a picture of the culprit:

It’s even specific with regards to what coins it accepts! 

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