Thursday, 26 September 2013

Halls of Residence

This is my third year in halls of residence!! Three years in the same building, same flat and same room!
I bet your thinking first year, fair enough it makes sense to live in halls but second and third year?! Yeah that was my reaction in second year! I could not believe I was in halls for a second year! 

My friends and I tried to get a house! We really did, but every time we found a house that we liked, that was not too far from campus, we would call the owner only to be told: this house is no longer available! Someone just signed the contract! This happened EVERY TIME! We kept looking, during the summer after first year-we were still looking and when Second year was about to start we started panicking! We had nowhere to live! So we all applied for halls, again! -.- 

I called Medway’s accommodation office and they were lovely! They gave me a room! But it was on the top floor! The thought of carrying my entire luggage to the third floor! Oh no! I’m out of breath just by the thought!  So I asked for another room that was not on the ground floor or the top floor and lo and behold I got the same room I had in my first year.

The University offer a system whereby you are able to put down the names of friends you would like to live with, my friend and I took advantage of this and put one another’s names down. During the second year all of us flat mates got along so well, we decided to live together in halls for another year! So we all have the same rooms and the same flat. I know this may seem quite absurd to most of you, but it works for us. We are all quite lazy and if we lived far from Campus, we wouldn't come in, a risk none of us were willing to take in our third year. Also, the Medway campus offered a new facility during exam time-the library stayed open till 3am!

I’m actually quite happy with regards to my living arrangements this year. I get to live with some of my really close friends



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