Thursday, 26 September 2013

Third Year

Third year has officially started! :o I don’t know where the 92 days of my 2013 summer went let alone the first two years of University! 

We have been allocated supervisors and been told what Final Year projects we are to complete.
When picking your final year project you get three choices. I got my Second choice (I’m not sure what’s going on with me missing out on my first choices, first University and now final year projects. At least I got my second choice) which was Neuroscience and Neuropharmacology. My first choice was Cancer Biology. 

There is quite difference between them (looking past the obvious-nerves/CNS and cancer). Cancer Biology is a Laboratory based Project while Neuroscience is a literature based project. There is a huge and on-going debate about which one is harder, however, in my opinion anything in life is hard, so that’s not my concern. I am worried about employment though. I have ‘heard’ emphasis on the ‘heard’ that some employers prefer Laboratory based projects (I hope I don’t apply to any of them).  

I’m still not sure what area in neuroscience I am going to write about but I’m starting to get quite excited. I hope it is excitement I’m feeling. I get to write 10 thousand words on a particular neurodegenerative disease, I get to read and critically evaluate other people, I mean scientists experiments. I get to write everything in my own words because if I plagiarise it’s an instant fail. And once I have bound and handed in my project I get to present my work in the form of a poster in front of an academic who grades me! 

Yeah, I’m pretty excited. 

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